Ringba updates
Ringba updates

Account Manager and Login Security


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Account Manager Functionality

Permission based account manager functionality has now been added to your Ringba portal. You can now assign Publisher and Buyers to a User. Stay tuned as we continue rolling out some exciting new features for Account Based Permissions. Ringba Account Manager.png

Activity Log and Login Security

Login Security has been improved with a new Activity Log that tracks when users are accessing your Ringba account. To view the Activity Logs for your account click on the settings menu. Ringba Activity Log.png

Integration Articles for Zapier and Integromat

We recently published two new articles in the Ringba knowledge base that explain how to integrate your Ringba account with Zapier and Integromat using Ringba’s campaign tracking pixels. You can find them in the Integration section in the Ringba Knowledge Base or you can search for them from inside the Ringba dashboard by clicking the Support icon.

If you have any questions or need any help, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team via chat, email us at support@ringba.com or give us at ring at (800) 824-5000.