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Ringba updates

Improved Blocked Numbers Functionality


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Number Blocking has been improved with a new tab for managing blocked numbers in bulk.

How to Block Numbers in Bulk

To get started, navigate to Numbers > Manage Blocked Numbers and click on the Bulk Blocked Numbers tab. From here, you can upload a list of numbers in E.164 format and choose to block them for a specific campaign or the whole account.

Bulk Blocked Numbers - Upload.png

Please note that numbers uploaded in bulk won't appear in the "Individual Blocked Numbers" tab. You can use the search box to verify the status of a number, and if necessary, remove it from the bulk blocked list.

Bulk Blocked Numbers - Search.png

For more information about Number Blocking with Ringba, check out our support article in the Ringba Knowledge Base: https://support.ringba.com/en-us/article/number-blocking-33a0gc/

If you have any questions or need any help, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team via chat, email us at support@ringba.com or give us at ring at (800) 824-5000.