Ringba updates
Ringba updates

SHAKEN/STIR Call Blocking, New Notifications, Updated Activity Logs, and more


Just Released


New options and tags for SHAKEN/STIR: Users now have the ability to configure settings for blocking calls based on their attestation level with SHAKEN/STIR. There are 3 levels of attestation: A) Full Attestation, B) Partial Attestation, or C) Gateway Attestation. Ringba’s reporting has also been updated with two new tags for SHAKEN/STIR that can be used for call routing.

New notification when callers leave a voicemail: Users will receive a message in the portal as well as an email with a URL to the reporting page with the call that has a voicemail message. Please note this option needs to be enabled in the IVR node.

Added Canadian provinces to tag routing filters: It is now possible to see Canadian provinces and use them for call routing. They can be viewed under Call>Inbound Number>Province in Tags.

Added to Activity Logs when files for reporting are exported: It is now possible to see when a user exported a file in the activity feed. Click on the activity to view the time range and data that was exported.

New setting to Play TCPA Warning on Blocked Call: Once enabled, blocked caller IDs will play a message that says: "Caller ID Blocked By TCPA Shield ". You can activate this setting in your account settings or at the campaign-level.

New notification when monthly TCPA Shield requests have been used: Users will receive a message in the portal as well as an email that explains that their pre-paid TCPA Shield scrubs have been used up.

More Updates and Improvements

  • MFA/2-Factor Authentication prompt on password reset.
  • Updated Buyer Permissions for configuring Call Caps.
  • Updates to the main menu panel to improve navigation and user experience.
  • Improvements and updated messaging for tooltips.
  • Various optimizations and tweaks to improve UI and performance.

If you have any questions or need any help, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team via chat or email us at support@ringba.com.